Shut Down the Digital Marketing department

Shut Down the Digital Marketing department

It is everywhere!

At the start of 2017, when I was studying key trends in marketing that are likely to unfold during the next few years, one thing was very apparent – Digital marketing is gone. Marketing IS Digital Marketing now. It is mainstream. No more is it like a new bird in the woods or an exotic flower in the garden. (Although I must say that many people still think of it that way).

Unimaginable internet penetration, mobile phone usage, ever increasing costs of traditional media channels like TV and their ever decreasing impact has only ensured that consumers are on digital channels. Brands need to go where the consumer is rather than spend enormous resources to bring them somewhere else.

Digital marketing is clearly everywhere, like oxygen. ALL marketers have to be digitally literate and competent to communicate their brands with impact. The lingo has to change to the digital lingo in the way marketers think, if that has not happened already. So shut down your digital marketing department. Digital is all over.

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