The 10X Impact of Brands in the Digital World

The 10X Impact of Brands in the Digital World

Brand are here to stay

On the biggest myths in recent times has been that brands are losing relevance in a digital world. The story that is going around is that in the digital world there are too many channels, content is easy to disseminate to a very wide audience and that messages brand are trying to sell cheap and thereby on a downward spiral.

Nothing will be further from truth if you just sit back and look at these proclamations. Digital channels are well…channels. They are powerful ways of putting your brand messages into a platform on which your customers are already present. Better analytics helps you focus your messages, measure it and adjust to achieve your business goals. So how does this in any way take away the power of brands!

On the contrary, the boom in digital channels has made it possible for the customers to view your brands as juxtaposed with competing offerings. It has made it possible for the customers to absorb content on brands in more ways than before. This means that the core functions of branding i.e. Positioning of a brand has become even more important than before. The shift to the digital channels by brands is just a shift of geographics of the customer base.

Digital channels further the need to build strong brands by providing an additional platform for customers feedback.

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