The Discontent over Content

The Discontent over Content

More Channels = More Content. Phew!

I had a chance to read through the biggest challenges for the CMO in 2017 and biggest priorities for them in 2018. One word sums it up: Content! How do you get great riveting contenting in front of the consumers? Authentic, deep and persuasive content. Sounds simple, eh? However this is a tough one. What is that a brand can say something confidently, persuasively and in a manner which grabs, retains and stays in consumers’ minds? Across so many channels: print, TV, digital etc with coherence inspite of changing media.

Here is what great content producers have done:

  • Centering content around a strong central theme
  • Use product and industry experts to create content
  • Measure content before and not after transmitting content
  • Rehashing content to suit different channels and not blindly copying them across
  • Just making content available across more channels
  • Having strong feedback mechanisms

There is near consensus amongst the marketing community tat if you do not have a content engine which constantly spins out content, the engagement with the target audience. After all, you cannot not communicate.

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